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One of the reasons I am crazy about pressed flower art is it gives the second life to those beautiful flowers. The process of growing and pressing these amazing plants makes me realize how magnificent nature is. And it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it. To me, studying press flower art is to open the door to the wonderland -our nature. Come to join me to discover the beauty of the art.
- Melanie



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Tuesdays, 6:30 - 9:30
October 17, 2017

Oct. 17 - pressed flower art projects
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VASA Gallery & Studios
25 Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St. Albert
(Old RCMP Building)

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Pressed flower projucts 101:

Flowers and greenery that are easy to press:

Pansy or viola, forget-me-not, na, hydrangea, cornflower, fern and herbs such as thyme, coriander and oregano


A good flower press to preserve the flowers

Pressed in minutes or in a few days:

Microfleur: Flowers, foliage and plants are quickly pressed between two cotton liners, two thick wool pads and two vented platens. Using microwave oven to remove water from flowers. Flowers ready to use in minutes.

Multiply-layer silicon/paper pulp boards and velcro straps: An improved version of the traditional way of flower pressing. Flowers pressed and dehydrated between two thick boards made with silicon and paper. Flowers ready to use in days.

microfleur paper boards

Tips for pressing flowers:

-Pick the flowers when they are beautiful and blossom. Don't wait until they are about to wither or the petals are about to falling apart.
-Mornings are always better than afternoons to cut the flowers. Do not cut them when they are wet.
-Make sure the flower is completed dehydraded before storage. Moist changes the colour of the flower overtime.

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