Welcome to Pressed Flowers Alberta, Bonbon's Treasure. I am a visual art artist emphasising on pressed flower art and oil painting. You can find the work created with real flowers, as well as courses and supplies to help those who are interested in learning the art. I love pressed flower art and I believe it is the easiest and most satisfactory art form one can master. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts with me. -Melanie


Fun Projects

pressed flower picture frame

Pressed Flower Picture Frame

Level: Basic to intermediate
It is the perfect project for practising decorating an object using pressed flowers. The object can be a photo frame or mat for a photo frame.

sticker bookmarks

Sticker Bookmarks

Level: Basic
It is a perfect project for a biginning pressed flower art learner. Just place flowers in the clear area and seal it with a clear sticky film (provided in the package)
The package includes five blank sticker bookmarks with five tassels, and clear self-laminating films.
It is a perfect keep-sake for your friend or for yourself. More..

snap-in key chains

Snap-in Acrylic Key Chain

Level: Basic
It is a perfect project for a biginning pressed flower art learner. Simply place flowers in the acrylic tray and snap in the lid. it takes only 10 minutes to complete and is an ideal party entertainer.
Different shapes are available... More...


Desktop framed pressed flower art

Level: Basic to intermediate
Create your own art piece with this all-in-one frame set. The set includes a card stock for the artwork, a foam board mat, a plastic clear film to protect the flowers and a stand attached to the back. You can write a message on the mat and make it a give to your firend. Use your creativity and imagination to make a pressed flower art now. More...


Pressed Flower Coasters, Acrylic

Level: Basic to intermediate
Planting flowers in your coasters! Acrylic coaster tray allows one to place pressed flowers in and create a beautiful coaster. Resin is required for this project.

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