Melanie Hsiao

St. Albert Public Library

Exhibition at the St. Albert Public Library

Location: 5 St Anne Street, St. Albertm Alberta

The show runs from until December 28, 2018

Body of work includes

  • Oil paintings
  • Real flowers in painting (oil, acrylic and watercolour)
  • Wearable art (necklaces and earrings)

Melanie Hsiao

About the Artist


Nature is the greatest inspiration for my work.  It’s is my privilege to call this beautiful land, Canada, home. Painting is my life. I paint the colours of light, air, and movement. It is the way I speak for the land that does not have a voice.


Melanie Hsiao was born in Taiwan. She worked in the advertising industry before she immigrated to Canada in the year 2000. Combining western and oriental painting techniques, Melanie has a unique perspective in using colours and brush strokes. As a professional pressed flower artist, Melanie is masterful in planting natural elements into her painting.